Writing Challenge: Autobiography


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So, recently, I found this interesting pic on Facebook. It’s about a writing challenge, and it goes thusly:

Which I think is peachy, because I haven’t written anything lately, and this can help me get my writer’s block chiseled away. Who knows.

So, let us start.

Day One: Write a Short Autobiography

Name is Joe, pleased to meet you. I am currently 35 years old and living in San Benito, Texas, which is one of the border towns here in the state.

I was born October 15, 1979, the end of the 70s, the final cusp of the decade. I don’t remember much during that time, of course, but some snippets I hold in good time: my 2nd birthday party with the cookies and cream ice cream and the khaki, plastic tape player; the soft black kitty we had long time ago; the occasional trips to the neighbor babysitter.

When I was three years old, for some reason, I ran off – in diapers and an umbrella according to the family – and found myself to the local Goodyear tire shop. I still remember how I slammed my fingers against the door, which caused me to cry and alert the folks there that I was a runaway. I also remember being held by a police officer and being given to my parents.

Early school was pretty much uneventful. I was bullied by a few teachers due to assorted things, but I pretty much kept to myself. During 2nd grade Physical Education, I got my first taste for running. I didn’t like it. But I did get a healthy liking of the outdoors, so that was okay I guess.

I didn’t get many friends during those times because of my shyness and my disinterest in hanging out, I guess? I developed an early passion for reading at an early age, and I usually wore out the school librarians with my ongoing trips and checkouts. Also, I got into the habit of reading in class, which got a good bunch of teachers upset.

My interests were many during the middle school years. I did not follow the family tradition of joining the school band; instead, I went for art classes, computers, typewriting/clerical, even homemaking. However, one of the things I really regret was the fact that I kept on jumping from one elective to the next. The old saw about a rolling stone described me to a tee back then.

During that time, I somehow got into the habit of pigging out and getting sedentary during the PE classes. I was never a sporty person, and this only added insult to the injury. Let’s face it, I turned fat and really lazy during those times. But there were some oddities then. I turned out to be a really good badminton player, for example. It was also during this time that I got into walking. Mom and Dad took (forced) us to walk a few blocks around the area, and they also got us to walk to school, which was three or so blocks away from where we lived at the time. I got used to it and begun walking around on my own.

High school was pretty quiet. It was still an open campus then, and during the lunch hour we would go across the street to the local mom&pop convenience store to get their delicious burger combos. Anyway, I didn’t get do much of anything during my freshmen and sophomore years. I was still attached to books and keeping to myself. I did take a few art classes, which ended poorly, but they were kind of fun. It was also this time that I found out I was gay: I had a huge crush with a really hunky guy, and it led me to the conclusion that I was more interested in guys than girls. But it was the 90s, and I was scared of coming out, so I never did.

I was also somewhat well known then. My older brother recently graduated, and when I went in, I was somewhat surprised by the psudo-fame. I made lots of friends during those years, and I carved out my own little niche of the school. The fact that I was very friendly also played into things; I was so much friendly that I was voted “Most Friendly” by my class during the senior year, and even now, people still come up to me and give me greetings, even though I don’t remember them.

Truth be told, I got very bored of my humdrum life during the sophomore year and, in a tragic effort to get excitement from the school, I started stalking someone. I sent stupid letters to him and basically fucked up his life then. I did apologize later on, but the damage was done. It is one of my major regrets in life.

In 1998, I did graduate (barely, with various help from the teachers), but instead of having a graduation party, I went to Aggiecon, a small convention up in College Station, TX. I had a blast there, and I met up with two of my favorite artists then and now, Phil and Kaja Foglio. I have a photo of them somewhere, I’m sure.

I immediately went to the local college, where I got far more interested in the internet and the library that I flunked class after class. I didn’t care back then (and still don’t now!) because I was surrounded by fascinating people, friends of my older brother. I still wonder about them sometimes, you know? But still, I kept up with my antics of jumping around the place and goofing off, which got me ten years of time trying to get a degree before realizing that college never was meant for me…

Going back a bit, it was ’95 that I discovered weightlifting. I was pretty much a weakling anyway thanks to my lack of middle school activity but when the coach at the time – Coach Q we called him – took us to the athletes’ center/weight room, I knew I arrived home. The fact that I was seeing the football jocks lifting and such didn’t harm me either. (lol) But I took a good view of things, lifting during my senior year and signing up to the local gym to throw weights around. Everything took a nose dive when I got a back injury/muscle spasm in ’02? ’03? and just screwed everything over. (I found out a few years ago that it was instead tight hamstrings/glutes causing things and needed a good stretching)

So where was I. Yes, college. I spent a good number of years trying to get a degree in anything, really, but I always got distracted with books, the internet, the fellow goofballs I hung around with. During ’02 or so, I found a comic by the name of Sinfest, where I insinuated myself with the forum and found myself with plenty of good friends, many I still keep in touch with through facebook and twitter. I also started to get out of my shell and got myself with the internet chat rooms, where I found a lot more people to hang around with; however, most of those folks have already shuffled out of my life.

Anyway, that’s I spent the 00’s. I did club hopping with my older sis, but never led to anything concrete. I had a small addiction to alcohol because I was still living the sheltered life and wanted to get pitch dark drunk (which I did get during my 25th birthday celebration). I got onto Geocities with my very first blog, which then moved to Livejournal, then here. I met up with so many people, most of them good and helpful. I never was bullied, really. I guess I was too silly/inconsequential.

The decade had it’s dips also. 9-11 happened, and I still remember the long lines for the gas that afternoon. In ’06, Dad died due to cancer. I didn’t cry during the funeral, and I went into a really big black mood the months after. But it was because of those dips that I found out what I was made of. And I also learned knitting to help combat those black moods.

So, that’s it, really. As I said, my life is pretty uneventful, and I left plenty of things out, but I’m always one for brevity, and this has been a really condensed report of my life. XD


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