Happy Spring!


Damn, does is feel so wonderful to feel the sun against your skin. Unlike this past week where it was all moistness and fog. But now, NOW, it is balmy winds and sun, promising a wonderful (hot) summer. Unlike the upper states, where there is now a freak snowstorm/wintertime experience. I’m curious if that will come down here and cool things a bit. Which might happen.

But not right now, because it’s the first day of Spring, and, as tradition demands, I show pics of the garden in springtime bloom. Mind you, a good bit of it is not in bloom, just lots of growth, but the amaryllis are in heavy bloom.


This only one part of the entire group – the others are still in mid-growth. Still, what we have now is downright fantastic, if you ask me.

Also fantastic are my roses.

More roses Assorted cuttings

You might find a bit of pink on the second photo. That’s the Cadwell Pink, which looks fine indeed.

Cadwell Pink rose

I’m guessing another day for a full-bloom flower. That’s the only one I’ll be allowing so the rose can focus more energy on growth (leaves and roots).


I’ve been buying more roses from the local garden place. The left rose is a Julia Child, a yellow beauty, while the other is the Fortune’s Double Yellow I got last year in the fall. Right now, the Double is not in bloom, nor does it show any sign of blooming. It apparently can bloom in the summer, so right now, just leaving it alone.

Hot Cocoa

I also got a Hot Cocoa, with plans for a Scentimental next time I’m there. Or a Cinco De Mayo. Hm. Anywho, this baby is one of the rare ‘brown roses’, that, in cooler climes, will turn to a soft russet/reddish umber. However, in these climes, I’m sure it’ll be surprisingly reddish ochre. Time will tell.

Last but not least, I had broken down and gotten two exceptionally rare (down here at least) roses from Rogue Valley Roses.

Two new roses

Left: SWALK (Sealed With A Loving Kiss)
Right: Cardinal Hume

…did I just use the entry for my roses? Eh, guess I did.


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