Randomly on a Wednesday


* Writing this on my sister’s old phone, which she lent to me only for the camera. This is kind of a “Doing it because I can” thing, but I think it’s better than lugging out the laptop and typing things out.

* Yesterday, I went to the Island. The weather was really wacky, all fog and clouds. Because of that, the scenery was amazing. It was like someone lowered the render settings to two (or three) blocks. Thankfully, there were no creepers or zombies out.

* That was a Minecraft joke. Just saying.

* The cardigan is doing fantastic.


As you notice, the collar is already done. Never thought moss stitch would be so nice for it. Right now, I’m doing the other arm, and I’m just coasting merrily along. Soon, I’ll be blocking it. Just need to find some more sheep to clip. The moment I can find some more iron for clippers, I mean.

* That was another Minecraft joke.


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