Back on the (knitted) road


Now Listening: Sheryl Crow – Tomorrow Never Dies
Mood: Meh

Alright, first off, cardigan. Button bands to be exact.


As you can see, they set off the stripes quite nicely. The green, I think, is dark enough to be a neutral and frames the coat into a bit of order. Right now, I’m getting the collar done, but I need to do more research for the design. I might be wrong with the way I picked up the stitches.


Still, the Coat is doing fine. I just need the collar and the other sleeve, then a blocking. And by then it’ll be too warm/hot for me to wear it, and thus I will have to put it away. 😐

Secondly, the last of the Five-Footer.

Tasseled hat

This past weekend, I finally made the hat tassel and attached it. Monday, I sent it off, and the guy got it Wednesday. According to him, he’s really enjoying it, so yay.


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