Ten Years


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Today holds a very special place in my heart. For, you see, today marks the ten year anniversary of this blog.

I remember, long ago on mIRC, when I was suggested to make an account with LiveJournal because of a certain bearded bear, and I got on, and I started chronicling my life. Well, selected aspects of it: School, the occasional flare-ups with family, general thoughts and fancies, that sort of thing. I recorded Dad’s death, the bad blood between the Idiot and the family, various moanings of job hunting and school. My transit into the furry community, my thoughts on good-looking guys, and the occasional political musing were also posted.

I informed you with my trips to El Paso, North Carolina, and Chicago. I acquainted you with my family. I shared my fears, my hopes, and my dreams. I spewed my venom and anger at those who I thought deserved it. I also got my share of people/family trying to get some sense into me.

I also posted my stories, artwork, and the occasional recipe. I had a set of v-blogs. I first did the 52 Photo Challenge, and then moved to the 364 Photo Challenge, which I have been doing for three years already.

However, after eight or so years on LiveJournal, due to Time causing the folks I followed there to vanish into the crowd of humanity, I thought to move here to WordPress, which has been set with a really good time because of the layout and the assorted things I can do.

Truth be told, there is so much on this blog that I have not mentioned. Ten years is a long time, and there’s much that I forgot. Ergo this blog. It marks the time and the events I did on the fears I ever forget. I did hope that I would somehow be this popular blog in which I would be in my lil’ circle of people and such, but that never happened. Maybe for the best, because looking back at my previous posts, I was stupid, idiotic, and very dull. Hell, I am still all three in some ways, but nowadays, I am a bit more reserved with my choice of entries here. As I said a long time ago, chatting and blogging can make you be more careful with your words.

I have a few regrets with this blog. One is that I wish I took more photos. Another is that I wish I kept in touch with all of the folks I followed on the LiveJournal. Part of me wonders how they are all doing.

Here’s to another ten years. *raises his glass of Sprite*


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