I am SO done.


I want to take this coat and burn it. Turn it to ash and remove all traces of it from the face of the earth. Why? Buttonbands.

I know, I haven’t done the other sleeve yet, but dammit I felt like doing the front bands and the collar before I do that. Just to get them out of the way. But NOOOOO(!) I can’t even decide what kind of bind-off to use! Oh sure, the instructions say to ‘bind off loosely’. No idea which one to use, at all. There’s hundreds of way to cast on, sure, but the bind off? Fucking hell.

And that is a minor issue in contrast to the choice of buttons I have available.

The current button choices

None of which are working for me, mind you. ARGH! Hobby Lobby, unsurprisingly, is not giving me anything. Nor any of the buttons I currently have. It’s just damned depressing.

*ships the Coat to the sun*


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