Roses galore


I am in the belief that the bitter cold is doing these roses good. Not only have they done exquisitely well during the winter, but I feel that they also needed the cold, in a vast reflection to the summer. Proof?

The Knockout rose is def knocking me out.

First off, the Knockout rose – the one I poo-pooed when Mom first bought it – is indeed knocking me out. It turned from a scruffy, scraggly lil’ thing to this nice bedding bush that is giving out crimson flowers. One shows up here, but many more are on their way. Shame they are scentless, though.

Heirloom's looking good.

Heirloom is looking scrawny, true, but it makes up with these purple blossoms that are amazingly sweet-smelling. Needs some more fertilizer, but that comes later.

Fragrant Cloud

Fragrant Cloud is so beautiful right now that I would hug it if it didn’t have thorns. *lol* As you can see, one is blooming while there’s two more ready to show themselves. The bright coral/orange is a shock to the eyes in this grey weather, and it’s much welcomed.

Chrysler Imperial

The Chrysler Imperial is strong as ever; however, it did need the pruning the Fragrant Cloud did. Ah well. As you can see, it is beautiful and downright awesome.

Blue Girl

Blue Girl performs best in this kind of weather, giving bloom after beautiful bloom of pink/lilac blossoms that smell downright heavenly. FYI: Blue roses are usually within the purple spectrum. Roses do not have the genetic markers to produce true blue pigment. Still, they are quite beautiful.

And last, but not least, the Autumn Damask is finally getting its act together.

Autumn Damask

After a year or so owning it, it’s finally getting a blossom. Finally! However, it’s still gangly/leggy. Research points to extra nitrogen in the potting soil, probably due to a bit over-enthusiastic fertilizing, so I need to see about fixing that, if possible.


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