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So, it’s Shrove Tuesday, aka Fat Tuesday. And, as always, I celebrated it with pancakes at a local cafe.

Brunch noms!

Also note the bowl of menudo. It was rather insipid, but it was readily fixed with a lime juice and onions. Delicious.

So, apart from that, I also worked on a sleeve.

Sleeve in the making

It would’ve been a perfect success if I am not messing up with the decreases. The pattern calls for them between seven rows, and here I am, miscounting the said rows and goofing it up in my usual way. I just hope this doesn’t happen with the other sleeve.

But apart from that, I’m having lots of fun. I’m weaving the ends as I go to save time, and the stripe pattern goes much quicker when going around the sleeve. And it’s more fun, too.


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