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So, a happy Valentine’s Day for you guys who have someone to spend it to. For those who don’t, it is better known as Singles Awareness Day. Either way, Valentine Day chocolates will be priced on clearance tomorrow, and I’ll have some candy noms to get myself.


As the mood states, I’m tired of today and it’s stupidity. I never thought that I would be exhausted of today’s crap. I didn’t get to be in any state other than busboy. I’m so damned angry right now.

However, I did get a package in the mail.

Mystery package!

That lead to eight wonderful roses.

What was in the package

Earlier this week, I was looking at the Rose Forum and found that someone was giving away rose cuttings. A few emails later, I found myself with said package headed to me. All that I need to do is to pay for shipping and handling, and I’ll do that then I get paid next week.

Potted roses II
Potted roses I

Not in order, but they are a Mrs. Dudley Cross, a Mme. Antoine Marie, a Ragged Robin, a Fortuniana, a Lady Banks Yellow, a Cécile Brunner, a Caldwell Pink, and a Rosette Delizy. At the moment, I am looking up on how to treat them and see what they need in the meanwhile. Probably lots of sun and water with the occasional spritzing of weak rose food.

Still, keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t kill them. 😀


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