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I haven’t shown you photos of the Coat lately.

Looking good!

This was during the weekend, when I took a Saturday off the net and settled down on my bed and knit. Did a nice time knitting the day away and set forth doing the hem yesterday.

Coat hem

You probably can see that the hem was in process of being bound off, which it was last night. Now I’m working on a sleeve and hoping that I will not get caught with a case of Second Sleeve Syndrome. It’s a relating strain of Second Sock Syndrome, in which you have a sleeve to a sweater (or pullover) and you just do not want to do the other one, so you end up with all of these sleeves that are without an owning sweater/pullover body.

I haven’t also shown you photos of the roses. Rightly so, because it was a terrible winter, and the camera I had previously was very bad also. But to catch up a bit, I pruned the Fragrant Cloud bush a few months ago, and it’s growing beautifully. The new growth’s a rich dark red/mahogany. I’m just feeding it and the other roses doses of Epsom salts and bone meal.

However, it has made a wonderful rose.

Fragrant Cloud rose from the morning
F.C. rose from the afternoon

The first photo was from this morning, when it was cool and foggy. It was this greyish coral color that was most striking. However, the camera only picked up the reds and made it more saturated than it was, but still, no less beautiful. Those red tones came out in the afternoon (second) photo, and you can see it made a very fascinating rose to admire. There’s more roses in the making, of course.

The other roses are still growing out of their dormancy, and I will post pics later, I promise.

Speaking of other roses, the cuttings are looking quite interesting.

Rose cuttings

I am very impressed at the growth I’m getting out of these guys. I mean, leaves already? Wow. But they’re still not ready for the outside, of course. Still, I’m taking good care of them, and hoping I’ll see roots from them in the coming days.


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