Last meaningful entry was on January 27. My, we’ve grown awfully lazy. Ah well, can’t be helped. These days have been filled with so little interesting things that I don’t have anything to discuss.

I did finish the Five-Footer, though.

The 5 Ft. Hat

I finished Sunday night/Monday morning, but I wanted to let the ladies from the Class see it, and they were very impressed at the item. I told them that the yarn was held double, thus making a thick aran-weight yarn, and used US10 `6-inch circulars. And then we got into how I blocked the entire thing.

Blocking Hat

I used up the last of the wool wash to clean this (and the water was absurdly dirty when it was over), but I used the washer machine spin cycle to drain it. It did a bit too well; when I took it out, it was really damp, nothing sopping or anything. So I spread it on my blocking squares, and stretched it out a bit, pinning it in place. Then I took a measure of it.

Very long hat

Five feet, three inches. I am very pleased with myself.

As for the brim…

The 5 Ft. Hat III

Saturday night, I finished with the main body, and I undid the provisional cast-on…

Picking up stitches

…and knit it to the best of my abilities. In other words, I used the needle as a holder and knit parts of the brim separately. At the moment, I’m trying to figure out how to ship it. Maybe with a flat-rate postage box.

I’m also trying my hand with rose cuttings.

Rose cuttings looking good

My sister had to deal with an over-zealous admirer a while back, and one of the things he gave her was some long-stemmed Red Intuition roses. She gave them to me because I am the passionate rose gardener. I used a technique I found in a gardening forum and, as you can tell from the photo, they look pretty good. As long as they don’t change color or gather mold, I am perfectly alright. I’m just occasionally reinflating the bag and spritzing them with a very dilute solution of rose feed to keep them moist.

One last thing, if anyone comes with you with a bundle of kittens, just say no!


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