Getting it out of my system


“So…” I said, looking at Moose and seven other guys of massive bulk. “You have Bradley…”

“Yo!” said a oddly-shaped speckled ‘roo. He waved slightly, his arm curling into a thick slab of muscle.

“…Chad, Alex, and Nick…”

“Hello!” the three said in unison. They looked to be furred in brown and light blue, an odd combination. One had a small set of antlers. All were hugely built.

“…Brandon and Kirk…”

The two fraternal twins – one a snow leopard, the other a carbon copy of Moose – nodded in silent greeting.

“And Tony Junior.”

“Hey,” a moose with tiger stripes said. He looked sullen, as if he didn’t want to be there.

“And you mean to tell me that you’re the father to all these guys?”

Moose blushed and rubbed his neck. “Well, one thing lead to another, you know?”

I sighed and took off my glasses to massage the bridge of my nose. “Alright, mind me telling me who was the mother for these?”

“Mother?” Alex said. He looked at his brothers and raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean, mother?”

“Yeah. Just that. Who’s the mother?”

Confused glances circulated around the group, except Moose, who blushed harder.

“Uhm…” he said, looking as if he rather not say anything. “There’s no mother. Just…erm…fathers.”

It didn’t click until I thought back to what Moose referred as ‘male pregnancy’ and what it entailed.

“Wait,” I said, glaring at Moose. “All of these guys…?”

He nodded miserably.

“Ah fuck!” I swore. I glared at the seven, whose expressions ranged from fiery embarrassment to shit-eating grins. “How…?”

“Long story,” Moose said. He raised his head. “You’ll have to hear from all of their, erhm, fathers to get all of the information.”

I sighed again. “Now what?”

“Erm…” Moose looked at his sons and back at me. “Got extra room in the house?”


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