January gremlins, go away!


Gremlins: Mythical creatures known around various airmen that would mess up with various aircraft. The creatures afterwards spread to make their mischief to all things mechanical.

Why am I mentioning them right now? It seems that they’re causing minor trouble in my life right now.

Before you ask if it’s the computer again, it is somewhat, but not in the way you think. Thanks to one of the folks on FA, he and I found out how the computer could stop overheating. We found the power options set to levels that had the processor acting almost at 100% of its usage. I set it down to 75%, and the temps have been hovering in the lower to mid-90s since then.

However, I found that the backup – the 250Gb – has been the cause of the clicking I kept hearing. After running a S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic on the drive, I found that it’s slowly dying. I need to get a backup pronto, maybe a smaller size of the drive I got for Christmas. At the moment, I have the drive disconnected from everything to prevent any other malfunctions.

Speaking of which, I no longer have a computer chair. About an hour or so at writing, I was in it, and shifted a bit only to find most of the right side to fall apart. It needs glue and a few nails to fix it – or a replacement – , but dangit, I am fraying a bit here at the edges. I just wanna charge and gorge with my antlers. 😐

But there’s nothing going with my knitting. (Already, I sense the knitting deities planning to mess me up. XD)


Right now, the hat is going to pass the four-foot mark, and I can’t be happier.

40 inches long!

I need to do the brim after all this, and to block it also, and I’ll send it off. Hopefully, if I am uninterrupted, I can finish it tonight.


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