While they were doing that I walked over to a place called The Oyster Bar — a real dive
– Kip Addotta, ‘Wet Dream’

This past week was one quiet instance after another. Nothing really noteworthy to mention, ergo the lack of entries.

However, I took the weekend off knitting in general to read.


Hugh Aldersey-Williams’ Periodic Tales, an fascinating book of the assorted histories of assorted periodic elements. At the moment, I am halfway done with it, reading about calcium and its compounds, including marble. I really suggest you read the book; it is very fascinating.

Today, was knitting the Coat.


People have been asking me about the name, and I can answer that quite easily. My middle name’s Joseph (Jose), which was done in honor of Jesus’ father. However, I’ve always leaned towards Jacob’s son Joseph, the dreamer and the one who was given the coat of many colors. Personally, I think the said coat was woven stripes or perhaps with sewn patches of various fine fabrics.

My coat of many colors, looking nice

Knitting, or some ancient variety thereof, could have been around that time, thus leading to a fanciful conjecture that the coat was knitted of fine vegetable fiber, linen or flax, and thus proving to be a very fine gift for a favored son like Joseph.

Anyway, I’m almost done with the body, another five or so inches to go, and already I am planning on modifications. Including a pocket and a change with the border. Could be more, who knows.


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