Random Monday

  • So, I am kind of halfway done with the hat.

    Four ft. hat Monday

    Forgive the over-exposed coffee mug. The phone has a stupid way of bleaching the whites, sort to speak.

    So yes, I’m already at the third decrease row and it’s already a foot and a half long. However, according to my calculations, it’s going to be a touch over four feet long. And that’s without the brim/earflaps, which might add another four to five inches. I hope the guy won’t mind that. XD

  • Speaking of hats, a friend of mine from my TSTC days asked me to make this hat.

    It’s a kitty hat with cablework. The pattern is sound, and I’m ordering the yarn even as we speak. I might publish it once I get it off the needles. Anything to save a few bucks from Ebay. XD

  • I finally got a haircut.


    I got so danged tired of the long hair that I went over to Cris and had her take most of it off. I’m overwhelmed at how amazing I look with the short hair. I look darn right sexy, if I do say so myself.

  • So, last week, after four months of scrimping and saving, I finally got out of the debt I had with the gym. I went Friday, the same day I got the haircut, and had a nice chest/back workout. Today, I had a killer arm/shoulder workout. And the eye candy was alright, also. XD

    Already, I’m getting into the healthy eating mode – not overeating, little fast foods as possible, lots of water. I need to lose the 12lbs I gained during the so-called holiday. And to actually brush up on my form! I have videos and websites on that, and they are just getting dust. It’s time I get back on the ball to become a ‘lifter. 😀


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