Take the leg from any table, take the arm from any chair…
-NRBQ, ‘The Dummy Song’

So, we have a new problem with the computer. Well, not exactly new. It’s the original one that got me without the tower: Overheating.

At least I think it’s overheating. The computer is clicking, it shuts down at times, and the CPUID HW Monitor freezes at times in mid-monitoring. I’ve been posting on Facebook as to the symptoms, and I’ve been getting a range of cures from a new motherboard to basic defragging.

This is what it looks like so far.


It doesn’t look like it’s overheating, and I am rather puzzled at this. Though, I do not know anything about computers, and this puzzlement just increases. I’m half tempted to get a miniature fan and use it inside the tower to see the result. Or a small ice-cold parcel of dry ice in the general area. Just to see if it’s indeed overheating. But all signs point to it, right?

At least the 1TB drive is doing fine and dandy. I just need a bit of courage and patience to get this danged thing finally remedied.


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