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This week has been one of the busiest and the most productive weeks I have had. This is a good sign for the rest of the year, but one must always be on guard for the evil known as burn-out. Still, I am happy as a cat filled with sixpences (thanks to Terry Pratchett for coining that).


Tuesday, before this wicked cold snap we are having came in, I took the time to partially clean out the front garden bed. Including getting rid of the non-productive roostock-rose bush we’ve had for years.

What we took out... II What we took out...

I just wanted to get out the bush, but Mom got into the swing of things and asked me to trim the Paradise rose and the elephant ears, not to mention to prune out the periwinkles.


I wish I got the before photo. It was very untidy and rather floppy. I cannot wait to plant some flowers here, now. Another rose, to be sure, but I’m thinking of something else. Maybe marigolds. Or some nice ornamental shrubs. Hm.

Tuesday was also when I got this.

My saving throw

It’s a Western Digital Blue. The Chicago Moose got this for me during Christmas, and I was very happy when it came in. I can get aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of my music collection in here (more than 100gigs) and have room for extra! Not only that, but I also have three year extended warranty for it! YEAH!

So right now, the tower is doing fine, running smoothly and quietly on Win7 (which I got from a friend and installed yesterday), and I can’t be any happier.

Last night, however, we got a nice cold front in and lowered things to mid-30s, which then raised to lower 40s.


I love this winter weather. Why didn’t we have this before Christmas? Oh well.


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