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I was not expecting the lack of slowness to be around the new years. I was thinking of fast and furious things happening, but it’s okay. Slowness suits me fine to a fashion. But when it develops to cabin fever it’s time for me to go moving. Like yesterday, where I went to visit Mister Sam for his 6th birthday party.

Birthday boy!

Look at him. He’s the interesting guy, also. Kind of quiet and shy, but a powerhouse of snugs when you get to know him.

Anywho, in an effort to escape cabin fever caused by the really bad weather outside, I took the Sunday and ran off with it, going to the party and finding all of the family there. I was somewhat surprised, due to various reasons, but I did mingle with everyone – inlaws included – before wandering off and knit.

Knitting Moose

I got a lot of compliments with the knitting, including a few folks interested in the classes, which pleased me greatly. I was skittish around knitting around the place, but it was pretty alright. I also got a few questions about when I was going to be writing my news column again.

When I was working for the News, I did a really spiffy weekly column about my adventures in walking around the city, something that went rather well with various people around the city. Heck, I got a few compliments from the commissioners! But when I left, the column went with me. Until last month with the change of editor, who I asked if I could start with the column again. And he agreed and sent my first column in the edition before Christmas.

Well, apparently it went rather nicely because most of the sister-in-law’s family was very complimentary about it and wanted to know when is the next one. I told them in another week or so.

If I can stop getting distracted with yarn, that is.


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