Resolutions galore


Kinda feeling hung-over when I woke up this morning. My back and thighs felt like I did some heavy-duty lifting last night, even though I didn’t. I just had four or so flutes of brut sparkling wine. And it was indeed brutish, thuggish even. It popped me one and another and I was out like a light.

So right now, I’m listening to Steely Dan and taking it somewhat easy. We didn’t pop firecrackers; although, it was pretty noisy outside last night. It sounded like the someone was shooting cannonballs! XD

I really don’t have any resolutions this year. 2014 was the year of change with me, and I grew up a bit in ways I didn’t think possible. Let’s review.

Try to lose weight. Failed. After the gym froze the account due to unpaid dues, I started to binge and ruined all of my efforts the months before.

Get my mind in proper order. Succeeded! I got a clean bill from the docs, and they didn’t find anything majorly wrong mentally, so that was inspiration enough to get my mind cleared from all the clutter.

Be more creative. Succeeded! I dabbled in needlepoint, tie-dye, loom knitting, and also designed a shawl. I also got into the knitting classes, which is met with much success.

Gardening! Succeeded! Bought roses, grew roses, bought more roses…lol Also figured out a lot of things with the front garden in general.

Getting a job Mixed. I worked in one, which didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. And I’m still waiting for a response with another. But I’m looking to open a shop in the area, so that’s going to be pretty neat.

Trying to be more assertive with Mom/family Mixed. I did that but now she just sits around watching tv instead of doing things on her own. I did get out of my depression funk a bit, though.


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