Year in Review, 2014


I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life
Go ahead with your own life and leave me alone
-Billy Joel, “My Life”

‘Cause this is it for all we know
So say goodnight to me
-Yo La Tengo, “Ohm”

It’s cold here. I mean, wind-howling, rain-drizzling, steel-gray cold. And I’m loving it. I would have loved it more, but I didn’t get the chance to. I had to run errands that I didn’t get to do yesterday, and I am somewhat relieved they are done at the same time I am saddened I didn’t get to spend my day doing what I usually do on the last day of the year (Chinese food noms).


I was going to be going around the bus, but Mom volunteered to take me doing said errands, which was a major godsend because if I was to revolve around the bus, I would have never gotten out of the city. I took that much time and effort that I would have missed the bus and forced me to do a lot of things Friday, which I didn’t want. One of said things was going grocery shopping. You can see that we’re already ready for Valentine’s Day. @_@

So, let us review this past year. I have…
Finished my schooling
Fell in love with roses
Quit the gym and lost it
Said hello and goodbye to one of my oldest friends.
Wrote up a storm, knit up a tornado, crocheted a light breeze.
Published and profited from my second knitting pattern
Took to the beach again for Spring Break (and have photos to prove it!)
Learned I’m in good mental health and that movies are sometimes amazing.
Had lots of gifts showered on me
Welcomed a new city administration(!)
Took breaks galore
Vented and yelled
Kicked my computer to the repair guy and got it shuffled back
And, of course, finished another 364PhotoChallenge. Some of my favorite photos.

Happy New Years! 119_2301 p_00580 Next-chair classmate being photobombed. Goofy moose being goofy 119_2495 p_00657 p_00750 p_00929 The two of us together. Don't I look spiffy p_01139

So many things planned for the 2015. So many levers to pull, buttons to push, and strings to tug. Until then!


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