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It’s been pretty interesting here. I didn’t get much shopping done for Christmas, but I did get hats done.

Christmas hats!

The holiday would have gone a bit more happier if it weren’t for a snafu that occurred between my sister-in-law and the family. I would hint at a certain person’s over-eagerness for presents, but that would be as far as I go. I am not a gossip monger.

I am a knitter, though.

The Coat

The Coat is going steadily into the Vanilla Pudding stage of knitting. Which means that the mindlessness of the knitting and purling will slowly drive my brain to the consistency of pudding while I figure out A) which color to choose next and B) how many rows of said color will it be. Don’t ask about the Chocolate Pudding stage.

Still, it’s very nice in a somber way. I didn’t know that the colors would have done such a nice job when put together. Still, I need to get a brighter hue in there to shock things up a bit. I need to hunt in the yarn bins to check what I have.

This week had our relatives come over for the Christmas season.

My uncle and his grandkids

My uncle with his grandkids, taken under the grand mosaic/mural of the The Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle. I didn’t go, but I mailed the photo over to me when I was taking this photo.

My cousin Alex and family

I tell you, when it comes to cameraphones, I am horrible with them. It’s all blurs and fuzzies. -_-

Anyway, these are the guys who I stayed with during the spring of ’07 up in North Carolina. I still remember it with pleasure. Anyway, I wanted them to stay, but they needed to do things back at home – they left this morning after they treated me and mom to an amazing breakfast.


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