♫♪♫ I still have my haaaat!


It’s the Penultimate Day of Christmas! AKA Christmas Eve’s Eve, and I’m trying to catch up on my knitting.

Christmas Hat No. 3

This certain breed of red does not show up well on the camera phone. I need to see if I can get the old camera back. 😐

So yes, Christmas hat, because hats feel good and look good and the people I’m giving to don’t have any, so I’m changing that by making them and giving them to the poor sunnabitches. I’ll give you three guesses who they’ll going to.

Speaking of hats…

Though a tad oversized Un Chapeau De Noel p_01131

I finished the Chapeau. Sport weight superwash wool and US4 needles, both doublepoint and circular. However, I should have done steam blocking instead of wet because after I gave it a wash, it spread to an oversized width and turned into a really strange misshapen object. Still, as you can see, it fits and it’s very soft on the hands.



This is the yarn that will be for the four-footer I mentioned a while back. I think I have enough for it, but if not, I still have a little more left in the account to get a ball of each color. That is, if KnitPicks doesn’t run out of the colors.

And no, I still haven’t mailed out the KnitSwap gift. I am trying to find something to match the other’s generosity, and I’m failing magnificently. I need to keep looking, though, and see what I can find.


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