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It’s been a rather hectic week.


Yesterday was the Annual Friends of the Library Staff Luncheon, in which the group orders ten or so dozen tamales with fixings. We also included Mdme. Mayor, who had a splendid time enjoying the food and the company. It was more of a meet&greet, and she spoke of her plans for the city for the next year.

Mdme. Mayor

In an effort to get myself through knitting six Christmas hats of suspiciously soft acrylic/metallic yarn, I am knitting myself a cardigan.

My Coat of Many Colors

A Staccato cardigan, but I rather refer to it as a coat of many colors. More on the reference later on. It’s also of a top-down construction, which I tried with the now-hibernating (and probably later frogged) Striper.

Anywho, I’m using the US8 circulars I usually use for the really big projects, and the “I Love This Wool” yarn from Hobby Lobby. It’s mostly yarn from the stash, so when I run out, I have to get more. If they still have them. I might have to check and get some Monday just to be sure.


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