Random Tuesday


1) I’ve been knitting. (Duh)

Christmas Hat No. 2 in the making

Acrylic with metallic. Somewhat easy on the fingers, and it’s a quick thing to knit up, also. It’s one of the six hats I have to make for Christmas this year.

2) Job search is going well enough, but, I am sorry to say that I am not putting my heart into it. I should, but I am way more stoked about putting my energy into making that yarn store.

3) I put on a wishlist for help with setting the store up, and I have gotten a deluge of information. From official links in the Small Business Association website to basic good wishes and back pats. I am feeling the love. :3

4) It’s only about a week from Christmas. I really should knit the other hats…

5) It’s only about two weeks from New Years. Ye gods, I need to make that end-of-the-year summary…

6) So, a while back, I got into a deal to knit a long hat. A really long hat. How long a hat? Four feet.

So anywho, after a bit of negotiations, I was paid enough for the yarn and the labor. The guy also sent me a lot of photos of the hat so I can see if I can reverse-engineer the thing, which I did, because I’m’s a smart moosie.

I got the pattern-thing down pat, I just need to double-check the calculations a bit. And I’m waiting for the yarn to come in. I hope the colors will be to his liking…

7) Speaking of which, why am I not knitting the hats yet?


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