I love the winter weather
So the two of us can get together
-Fats Waller, ‘Winter Weather’

I wish I can say the same here. The sun’s shining, and I’m here at Starbucks drinking coffee. I brought a hoodie to stave out the chill, but it might be unneeded later on. No, scratch that: The shop turned on the AC. (WHY!?!)

I’m knitting the Christmas hat in the meanwhile.


It is officially called ‘Un Chapeau de Noël’, because A) I like the way it rolls off the tongue, and B) everything sounds better in French.

I’m in a bit of a hurry for this, so I’m going to cheat and do all-over increases instead of the ones at the start/finish for a few rows, then I’m going to do a stripe or two plain (or with color work) and probably pelt the thing with felt holly leaves and beads. If I can find them over at Hobby Lobby. Or Tuesday Morning. I might get some more inspiration with it, who knows.

I also got the Christmas cards sent out, which is a joy in itself.

Christmas cards!

I finished them Sunday in a flurry of activity with several breaks as I helped Mom put up the traditional garlands around the house. Alas, the KnitSwap gift has yet to be sent out (sorry!). I tend to forget packages until the last minute, a habit I really need to get out of.


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