It’s all the dust here, I tell you. All the dust. Blargh.

Anywho, how’s you? I am feeling very seasonal. Like, humming Christmas tunes and just feeling extra jolly. Could be the fact that winter came early (mid-Nov.), but I don’t know. Right now, I just want to take down the tree and to just decorate it.

Oh wait, we did that today.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

We also put up some other decor this past week, and I’ll see about putting up some photos later on.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been crafty.


I found some really good superwash wool from Tuesday Morning a few months back, and when the season came along, I felt seasonal enough to make a hat-in-training. I might have some stitchery later on, including lil’ felt holly leaves, fluffy bobbles, and even a bell or two. Oh hell, yes it will have all that stuff. I’m already looking at stuff over at Hobby Lobby. [sweatdrop]

I finished that hat I should have already sent to the KnitSwap.

Finished hat!

Size US10 and Lion Brand’s Martha Stewart Crafts Roving Wool, the colors discontinued, alas. Sea Glass and some other teal color. I need to hunt for the labels. It is very squishy; it’s like squeezing marshmallows. I give it the Moose Stamp of Approval. (seal pending appearance)

Also been crocheting.

Crocheted square

Remember this? I fished it out of the bag it was in (with the rest of the acrylic) and finished it up, as you can see. Then I wondered if I can do another one.


See? I’m a sadist.


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