Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated


No, not really, but I felt it needed a swing on things.

So, how’s you? I’m alright, if a bit cold. We had a good Thanksgiving with Diana and the kids. It was standard fare: Turkey, stuffing, mashed ‘tatoes with gravy, etc. Nothing much to complain about.

This past week was pretty interesting. Finally took the Tax Training Final and got an interview next Monday. I’m not expecting much, so if I don’t get hired, I’ll just submit the paperwork for the yarn store. If I can. Who knows. I’m already looking at properties in Harlingen, so it shows how interested I really am. *shrugs*

Anyway, today is the start of the Annual Gifts of Christmas, which include things I bought and things I’m getting from others. Today is no exception, really.

Two mysterious packages

The first box had an intriguing package.

A mysterious box

That had an equally interesting cup.

And in that box, a Steerbucks mug!

A Steerbucks coffee mug, courtesy of Krhainos. At the moment, it’s used as a pen holder, which looks freakin’ awesome like that. I approve; although, I have to use it for coffee sometime soon.

The other package was filled with wooly stuffs.

Oooh, yarn!

It is for a Knit Swap that I enrolled on Tumblr (No, I still haven’t sent mine, shush). I was given all this wool yarn that looks extremely nice, but rough on the hands. The maker, Bergå, has a website in Swedish, so I had to use Google Translator to help send an email for info. Still, it’s a nice yarn.

I also got noms.

Yummy choco-noms

Moonstruck Chocolates. I am currently nibbling on the blue one – 68% dark w/almond and sea salt. Quite delicious. The other is 31% milk chocolate mayan. I’ll probably be nomming on this one quite soon. 😀

Also got a hat.

And a hat!

Pattern, according to the note I got, is Barley, and I’m guessing it is made from the same yarn that I got. I like it, and I can think of what it could go along with. *rubs hands together* 😀


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