It’s been a while.


Uhm. Hello. How’s everyone?

Me? Oh, doing well enough, which is the code for ‘severely breaking at the seams’ Or not. More coffee is needed.

Right now, nothing really is happening, ergo the lack of entries. I have been getting a bit of frantic activity due to the fact that this is the last week of the H&RBlock Tax Training, and we reviewed for the final test yesterday. However, I do not think I’ll be working there. It’s not because of my laziness, but of their job requirements. *shrugs* Oh well. At least I can get the certification for this sort of thing.

After publishing the shawl pattern, I have found myself not wanting to knit, but the soft woolies call me, and I have the urge to knit something simple and easy.

[Placeholder: Photo of hat]

Yeah, I know. I am supposed to show a photo of a stripey hat done with Lion Brand’s Martha Stewart Crafts Roving Wool and using US10 circs, but my laziness is acting up and causing me not to take photos until it’s almost done. Which it is at the moment. A couple more decrease rows, and it’ll be off the needles. At least it’s downright cuddly and bouncy.

I have grown addicted to Starbucks, which goes without saying.


Harlingen has two of them, and I am visiting the other one today as a change of pace (*jazz hands*). Probably go to the mall and do window shopping instead of the library. Probably get inspired and get some knitting ideas from Hobby Lobby/Tuesday Morning. Who knows.


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