30KC, Day Fifteen


Day 15: What was your least favorite pattern and why?

Er, anything involving cables and circular knitting? Especially hats from Jared Flood! Nah, I’m kidding about him, but yeah, cabled hats and I really don’t mix.

Because of that, I’m going back to the shawl.


Which is what I should be doing. I need to finish this and to publish the pattern. Right now, I’m doing the lace part, but hey, I got the major part down. I can chart the lace, check the pattern for minor mistakes, and go post it on Ravelry while I finish the one I’m making. Hm.

Of course, as I mentioned before, I’m going to charge for this delightful pattern, so it’ll be a bit of extra money in my pocket. Gods know I need it. 😀


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