The Black Knights (Part Two)


Part 1

The field was huge, the grass trampled down by the team’s practices and tackles. Nearby was a two-story, white-bricked structure. I looked around at the crowds of fans that were standing around and noticed a small table a bit away from the building. It was covered with stacks of papers, and it had a black banner over it saying ‘Recruting!’ in bold white letters. Behind there, Trav and the other guy from before were sitting and chatting with various college students.

I went up to the table as Trav was finishing talking to a tall redhead.

“Yeah, we usually ask for guys who are enrolled in the school, so we unless you transfer, you can’t be part of the team. Sorry.” He noticed me coming over and nudged the other guy. “Excuse me, dude,” he said to the redhead, “but I see someone who was interested earlier. I’ll talk to you later, dude.” He shook hands and let the other guy leave.

“Well, look who’s back, bro,” the other guy said, grinning. “The note taker.”

“Yeah, dude,” Trav said, fixing a paper on a clipboard. “I thought you didn’t want to apply.” He deftly handed it to the guy next to me and focused on me. “Well?”

I shrugged. “I just came to give this back to you.” I pulled the chain out of my pocket and handed it over to Trav.

His eyebrows shot up for a moment. “That’s not mine, dude,” he said, and he turned to the other guy, who looked at the chain and shook his head. “Not mine, either.”

“Well it was left behind when you guys left,” I said, putting it back in my pocket. “Any idea who it belongs to?”

Trav shook his head. “Nah, dude.” His eyes went blank for a moment, as if he was remembering something, and grinned. “So, wanna be a part of the team, bro?”

I was about to say something when the crowd cheered, and I turned to find the team coming out of the complex and onto the field, each one in skintight Lycra that clung to their massive forms and leaving nothing to the imagination. They also had their helmets, for some reason I didn’t know of, but just looking at the incoming wall of beef had me trying not to drool.

Trav must have noticed something because he chuckled softly. “Are you sure you don’t want to join, dude?” he said. He stood next to me. “Imagine being around all that beef, bro. You can’t get enough scenery.”

I blushed, embarrassed that someone figured me out, and a jock to boot! “Uh…”

Trav laughed again. “It’s okay, bro. We don’t mind about that. Just as long as you’re a good teammate, everything else can go to hell.” He placed a massive arm around my shoulders and waved his hand towards the team, who were now on the field. “You can’t get enough of anything, really,” he continued. “Once you join, that is.” He gazed at his fellow teammates going through the plays, and his breathing got heavy. “Fuck.”

“Dude,” the other guy said as he passed a few flyers around the other people, “you’re frightening him.”

Trav took a deep breath. “Yeah. Sorry about that, bro.” He grinned. “Seeing us play just gets me all riled up.” He gave me a back pat and went back behind the table.

I noticed something else as I gazed at the team. “Where’s the coach?”


I looked at Trav. “Yeah.” I waved a hand at the field. “Where’s the coach? Why isn’t he calling the plays and stuff?” I stopped, confused for a moment. I didn’t know what that meant until now.

Trav grinned as if I did a trick. “He’s gone home,” he said. “He left me in charge until he comes back,” he added.

“But we know all of the plays by heart,” said the other guy, “so it’s no big deal.”

“Yeah,” Trav said, looking towards the team and clearly distracted with the fieldwork. “Uhm, bro,” he said to the other guy. “We should get going. Get suited up and stuff. We can do this tomorrow.” He turned to me. “Want to help?”

Why I said yes I never knew, but I found myself with an overloaded box of papers while the others carried the table and banner. We went through the complex, and I tried not to gawk at the hallway of awards and trophies from previous games, photos of past players, and various other things. They directed me to the main office to drop off the box, and left to the locker room to suit up.

I entered the room, placed the box on a large wooden desk filled with other papers, and looked around. Photos of various football players from the NFL were there along with a shelf filled with books and knickknacks. At one side, I noticed the wall was instead a wide window, showing the changing room and lockers. And something else.

It was Trav and the other guy, deep in the throes of sex.

They were on one of the benches, dressed only in their shoes. Trav was lying down, and his legs spread. The other guy was on top of him, hugging him tightly as his hips thrusting deeply against Trav’s. Deep animalistic moans of pleasure were heard from the duo.

I stared slack-jawed for a moment before I noticed that the table and banner were tossed on the floor. No sign of their clothing; though, but that didn’t change anything. I just focused on their rutting.

“Quite a show they’re putting on, hm?”

I spazzed out for a moment and turned around to meet a ferociously built man dressed in a skin-tight tank and polyester shorts that stretched against a heavy bulge to its breaking point. His grizzled face didn’t show any anger or puzzlement at the two in the locker room. Only lust.

“Ah, you must be the new recruit,” the man said, extending a heavy hand. “The coach.”

It struck me as odd that he didn’t give a name, just the title. I reached over and shook the hand firmly. “I’m not actually a recruit, though.”

The coach snorted. “Nonsense. Anyone who comes in here is either a player or a recruit. I take it they invited you?” He waved aside my sputtering. “Of course they did. I have to reward them for that, I think.”

At that moment, I heard the two roar like bulls in heat. I turned to find them locked in a tighter embrace, their juices seeping and dripping everywhere as they orgasmed. My throat went dry as I saw them so deep in masculine pleasure.

“Fuck,” the coach growled. “I love it when they do that. Does me proud.”

A few minutes later, they separated, their muscles pumped and their giant cocks rock hard. They came into the office, stinking of their maleness.

“Hey coach,” Trav said. “Didn’t hear you come in.”

“Yeah,” the other said. “I would have offered my ass if I knew you’d be here.” He eyed the bulge and licked his lips. “Can’t get enough of your cock, sir.”

“You’ll get it later, son,” the coach said. “Right now, we need to get the others here.” He glanced at me. “Tell them we have a new recruit for our team.”


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