30KC, Day Four


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Day 4: How did you learn how to knit?

It was a few months after Dad’s burial. I was slowly getting into a black mood, and I was on IRC in the now-gone #Sinfest chatroom, talking about my feelings when one of the chatters mentioned how I should do something with my hands as a form of meditation. Like knitting.

Coincidentally enough, earlier that day, Mom and I were at the local Dollar General and I found a knitting kit for $3, and I thought of getting that. I thought the suggestion to take up knitting was a sign, and so the next day I went over to the store to buy the kit.

That night, with help from IRC chatters and Knittinghelp.com, I learned how to do the Basic Four: casting on, knit, purl, binding off. Later on, I checked out Knitting For Dummies at the library and learned the theory behind various other things, like cables and colorwork.


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