30 Day K. Challenge (30KC) Day Two


Day 2: What is currently on your needles?

Everyone who has been reading this blog know full well what is on my needles.

Fluffy scarf!


Wait, you were expecting another photo of the shawl? Tough cookies!

So, this is a (really) fluffy scarf done from Lion Brand/Martha Stewart Roving Yarn I found in Tuesday Morning. I’ve been knitting this with US11 for that extra fluff. However, that is on hold while I get another skein or two. I think they still have them, but dunno. Their turnover is quick.


Also, the infamous Baker Scarf. I haven’t really done anything much because I am constantly distracted with other patterns and designs and stuff. I have it stashed in the Procrastination Bin, and softly gathering dust. (Not really; we knitters know what THAT leads to…moths…*shudders*)

Another shawl

A prototype of a half-pi mosaic. I was thinking of adding a lace border, but it isn’t turning out the way I want it to, so it’ll be put into the frog-pile later on.


And, of course, the shawl. I’ve already talked about it in other entries, so no talk of it here.


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