Of yarn and roses


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I have made a few errors in my knitting, but nothing like this.

Sunrise shawl v.2

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like this shawl. I love the design I finagled into it. It is a fantastic work of art, really. However, it was one ray of sunshine too many.

After trying to figure out what was going on, I flung it across the room, with the skiens, and had a stiff drink of hot tea and lemon to calm my nerves. You have your ways of getting mellow, I have mine.

I also found out that I frog back twenty rows of knitting to fix the problem. Twenty! After doing that, I had another tea and lemon.

So, with a few quick calculations, I found the error: I was two stitches off and thus causing the whole thing to go askew. With the problem fixed, I did the rows again.

Revised shawl

After seeing everything alright, I had yet another tea and lemon. They’re habit forming, I swear.

I also have a new rose in my possession.

What is inside the box!

It is a Fortune’s Double Yellow, a China rose of great antiquity. To explain, China roses were mostly discovered during the mid to late 1800s — I could be wrong about this; I’m not a historian — and they grew mostly in subtropical and temperate regions of the world. During US colonial days, they thrived in the southern regions, including Texas.

Anyway, Cris got the rose from Antique Rose Emporium, the same place where I got my Autumn Damask. At the moment of writing, the Yellow’s been repotted with a healthy dose of bone meal. I also need to get a new photo of the other rose…


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