“I’m sore, but I’ve never felt so free.”

I tackled two important things this past weekend. Like, one after the other. Bam! Bam! Like tossing dimes into a glass you win at a bazaar.

After looking through the written pattern on the Sunrise shawl, I found a huge error. However, it was already too late. I had to frog back twenty rows of knitting and start from scratch.


I am doing better now that the danged problem is fixed, and will show pics of it later.


I also cleaned out the garage. It wasn’t my idea: Mom got a new washer in the works, and she needed someone to help her. However, when I was ready to help today, she was busily watching today’s Cowboys game, so I went behind her back and cleaned the garage out. By that, I mean reorganizing everything and giving everything a good sweeping/dusting. I also moved out the dryer as you can see – the machine has been broken for years, and we never really got it out until now. The amount of lint and junk under the machine was just disgusting, let me tell you.


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