Dear knitting…


…I have been slightly unfaithful to you. Slightly. You see, I have been fooling around with needlework.


Now, truth be told, we have had a marvelous relationship with each other. But I think we need some space apart so I can get back into your charms again. Just give me a few days, and I’ll be in love with you all over again, promise.

But bargello needlework. Wow. Much exotic. Such charm. I mean, I had no idea that I could do this with wool yarn. It’s just so…kinky. The push and pull of the needle. The soft sigh of the thread as it goes through the canvas. Makes me want to smoke a cigarette. If I smoked, that is. >.>

So, let me finish this, or at least let me lose interest in it, and I’ll fly back to you with open arms. We will go back to tying you up with cables. Or go into plain patterns if you want to. No worries.

Hugs and kisses.


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