Test Pattern – Sunrise Shawl


Like the title says, this is a test pattern of the shawl. I made it, blocked it, and now know where I have done wrong and how to tweak it to a more uniform pattern. But first, photos!

Shawl before being blocked

Instead of going the full length, I decided to half the lace pattern and block it from there. As you can see, it looks pretty neat. About two feet or so in length. After a wash and blocked out…

Shawl blocking shawl

And you see how big it is. A touch more than three feet in width. And you see the star motif on the left side of the photo. It did not block out as much as I wanted to; I think it was due to the motif, so that’s going to be taken out.

Shawl II

It looks rather amazing to be honest. Mom and the sisters have been remarking on it and saying it is pretty amazing. But I still need to tweak the pattern, adding more things and looking at exactly where the increases are to be. However, the lace stays.

Close-up shot

Right now, I am looking at the pattern and tweaking. And that includes making a new one.


I had to frog the thing a few times before figuring out stuff. I might make the sun motif larger, with more rays. And a bigger lace panel of course. Who knows. That’s the pleasure of testing a pattern out, methinks.


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