Nano ’06, Ch. 1



“Get those papers into check, Max!”

Maxwell G’Nehn looked up and into the face of his boss. Max was a swarthy character, with morning-blue eyes and a foot long growth of grayish-blue beard. His five foot frame was neatly tailored in a dark blue pinstripe coat and contrasting red silk tie.

“Sorry, sir. I didn’t get much sleep tonight and need some coffee.”

“The only thing you will need is a good rut, bull.” He said this as he adjusted his massive bulge in the slacks.

“Very funny, sir.” Max said nonchalantly as he settled the papers on his desk, not paying attention to the motion.

The boss barked a laugh as he walked off. “Remember! Get the forms into the proper slots. And type that letter to Mister Font. It’s due at noon!”

Max only nodded. After working here for five years, he still didn’t know if the boss was to rut with him or not. Tricky guy, he thought, always teasing me. No one else would ask for that.

He stood, his own six foot seven frame almost making him tower over everyone else. He gathered the stack that were in his hands and walked over to the slots.

As he passed by a desk, he got the whiff of something strange. He looked around and noticed nothing amiss. He took a deeper breath. The odor of decay tickled his nose, and he stifled a sneeze as he walked onwards. He didn’t notice two obscure figures a few cubicles down, looking at him with interest.

“Is he the one?”
I am sure of it, sir.
“Then get rid of him. Make sure that he doesn’t leave the place alive.”
Of course, sir.

The slots were thronged with other Bulls, their arms filled with papers and other memorabilia. Max was busily putting various forms of office paperwork in the proper places, seeing them zoom past in their vacuum tubes to other places in the office. He didn’t think too much of it, just something to spend the time until the next assignment.

“Well, if it isn’t Mister Max,” a bass rumbled behind him.

“Well, if it isn’t Mister Security Guard,” Max responded without turning a hair. “Do what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Only yours, bull. Only yours.” The Bull grasped Max’s broad shoulders and started rubbing them. A few of the other Bulls looked at the scene with interest.

“Hey, cut that out. I don’t want to do this now.” He dropped a few more papers into their places.

“Really? How about now?” His hands went down and felt up the softball-sized biceps.

Max gasped, amazed at the forwardness of this man. “What are you…?!”

“Or now?” He started stroking Max’s thick chest.

That did it. He turned around and met eye to eye with the guard, who was grinning one of his frequent Cheshire cat grins. “Cut that out now,” Max said. “I don’t know what your game is, but I could get you fired if you keep it up, especially in such a public place.”

The guard’s eyes twinkled. “I don’t know, Max. It seems like you were enjoying it.” One of his massive paws brushed very quickly against Max’s club of an erection.

Max’s face turned a bright red. In retaliation, he held the man in his arms and gave him one of tightest bear hugs he gave. The thick leather jacket the guard wore protected the guard somewhat.

“If you ever do that again, I swear I will have you arrested.” He hugged the guard harder. “Do you understand?” The guard gave a grunt. “I will take that as a yes.” Max let go, turned around to put the last of the papers into the slots, and walked off.

Of course it was all gossip when Max went back to his desk, thanks in part of the witnesses at the scene. Whispers of him publicly rutting with the guard reached his ears as he typed out the letter, and he almost choked in his coffee when one of his cubicle neighbors asked him, in a rather nasally voice, just how it felt in the guard.

Max sputtered out that it never happened and never will happen for such an m’hock of a bull. That left the neighbor amazed and somewhat miffed, for he would have never used such a vulgar term for anyone.

Even the boss got wind of the incident.

When Max went over to the boss’s office to hand over Mr. Font’s letter, he asked him to close the door for a bit of discussion.

Max, expecting the worse, sighed and closed it. Also the blinds.

“So,” the boss said, adjusting his half-moon glasses and glaring at Max. “What happened?”

Max said as much as he could, letting the boss know that the guard started the fight and that a reprimand of the guard wouldn’t be out of place. He paused for a few minutes, waiting for the boss to give the verdict, when the boss shocked him.

“Did you know that he is my mate?”

“I-I beg your pardon?”

“He is my mate. Mated for twenty five years.”

“Uhm…congratulations, but I don’t see—“

“You offended my mate,” the boss said, glaring. “According to the customs, I have the right now to avenge.” He stood and gave a very evil grin. “Now strip.” The grin widened. “Quickly.”


An hour later, just before noon, Max came out of the office, disheveled, tired, and somewhat sore. Various cubicles looked at him and looked back to their work, smirking. Max knew that after lunch, the rumor mills will be going wild.

“Great Father above!” he muttered as he refastened his belt buckle and walked, limped actually, towards the front desk. The receptionist grinned widely, and Max blushed. Surely he wasn’t that loud, he thought to himself as he looked at the security guard, who was looking at Max with a raised eyebrow.

The guard was a hulking six foot seven, mostly three hundred, four hundred pounds of thick vascular muscle. His clothes fit him form-fitting tight. Black hair punctuated the face, and the brown eyes finished it. “What is it?” he asked as Max came up to him.

Max sighed and run his fingers in his hair. “I have offended you and your mate, and must beg forgiveness,” he said. “On my honor and on the Father’s honor, I have met your mate’s forgiveness and will meet yours when the hour it is due arrives.” After a moment’s pause, he added, “I did not know that you were mated, and would have treated you differently if I knew.” The receptionist gasped with sudden understanding.

The guard shot a warning glare at the receptionist and nodded to Max. “And on my honor and on the Father’s honor, I accept your forgiveness and will take yours when the hour it is due arrives.” He smiled. “And that hour is now.” He grabbed Max, brought him close and kissed him, his tongue diving deep into Max’s mouth. This went on for several minutes, Max totally unresisting and pliant while the guard felt every muscle on his body, with several hard gropes to his crotch.

The guard broke the kiss, his eyes glazed with lust, and he smiled. “I see my mate already forgave you.” A slightly wider smile. “However, since I want to forgive you here and now, I ask you to strip once more.” The grin was filled with lust.

Max took a deep breath and bent down to untie his shoes.

The window closest to him shattered as a loud bang was heard.

“Get down!” The guard bellowed as he shoved Max down to a lying position and pulled out his gun. He warily looked outside, then looked to the desk, to find the receptionist collapsed on the desk, blood already pooling on the surface.

“Great Father above!” the guard swore. “Angler 2020, this is Guard 1525 reporting shootout and injured Bull,” he barked into his walkie-talkie. “Do you copy, over?”

As Max adjusted himself to a sitting position, he noticed a green car peeling out of the driveway, a tinted window already pulling up and covering whoever was in there.

“Guard 1525, this is Angler 2020,” came the staticky reply. “Ambulance is on its way.”

The guard went over to the desk and took a closer look. “Also send the cops, Angler. Report of involuntary manslaughter, over.”

“Roger that.”

The guard went over to Max. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” he said as he stood and dusted himself off. He grunted as the guard gave him a bear hug.

“This is return for the one you gave me,” The guard squeezed, hard. “I haven’t forgiven you yet, but I’m sure I’ll do it in a future hour, Father’s honor.”

He released Max. “Go to your boss,” he said. “Let him know what happened.”

“No need, mate,” the boss said as he came into the scene. A few other Bulls followed him, looking bewildered. He looked at the desk and told the others to contact the parents and to help with paperwork. They nodded and separated into different directions.

“Are you okay, mate?” the boss asked. The guard nodded.

“Go on home, and get some rest.” The guard nodded again. “And you too, Max. I can see this has been a shock, so take the rest of the day off.”

“Yes sir.” Max walked out of the building when there was another shot. This time, it found flesh. Max grunted as he fell onto the sidewalk.

“Everyone back!” he heard the guard through the numbing pain. “Everyone back!”

He also heard sirens. Ah, the ambulance, he thought as he blacked out.


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