In which magic is discussed


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Knitters, I have noticed, are like magicians. We take stuff made from various items (sheep, plants, petroleum, etc.) and use our knowledge and skill to make fantastic works of beauty and desire that can make people come up to you and say those words every knitter longs to hear: “Oh my god, that looks amazing! Where did you get this?”

And then you say, with pride in your voice and a gleam in your eye, “I made it.”

To which the people say, “No! You did this?! Wow!” And they become enchanted by the item and charmed by the item and, hopefully, inspired to knit the item.

Or crochet. We’re not picky.

We have a knack of doing magic. With our needles moving fiercely in our hands, we can create lighter-than-air fabrics, down-to-earth clothing, bulky-thick textiles, and everything in between. We have a tacit knowledge of what can (will) be with any skein of yarn.

Of course, inspiration can strike out of the blue even without any kind of help. Like with the shawl.


Working title is ‘Sunrise’, and I probably will keep it. Once I name something, it usually stays, even after I give it some time after to think after I name it.

But the construction is beautiful and so simple once you get the hang of it. Right now, however, I’m trying to find some lace pattern to do the next part, and that is somewhat tricky, seeing that I don’t know if I should use one or two. Or even more. No idea yet. But when I do, I will test and make notes and probably be gung-ho about the part. Talk to me a few days later when I will, no doubt, be swearing my gung-ho-ness and instead looking longingly at the socks.

You see them in the photo. The second sock is almost done — it’s needing another inch or so of ribbing — but the shawl is too distracting right now that to finish them. If I had to comment, it would appear that Second Sock Syndrome is acting up a bit at last, and it probably still be acting up while I work on the shawl. Or not. It is only an inch of ribbing. And then the binding off. And maybe some blocking.

Oh look, the shawl is calling my name…


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