Goodbye, Sweet Prince…


And by that, I mean the computer tower.

Good bye, computer...

On its way to the repair shop last night. I had to.

I hope it is only a hard drive error. I honestly hope so. It goes through the motions, the bios seem alright, so I’m hoping (praying) that it’s just a hard drive error.

Well, not really, seeing I do not know that I can retrieve all of my information off of the drive. Years worth of music collections, of the stories, of the miscellany of stuff that I found useful. THAT is what is bothering the hell out of me. *sigh* I backed things up, but with hard drives, one can never know, right?

Anyway, I’m having a friend of a friend come over tomorrow and look things over. I hope he will revive my wonderful machine. I am just so…damned bothered by this.

I, at least, have the laptop and the kindle, but they are not the major techs here. 😐

Also, the new Doctor. I like him, but let’s wait until the other episodes, eh?

*rattles the “Help Joe Fix and/or Upgrade His Tower” can*


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