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Hello, fellow people of the computer age. Right now, there is way too much information to put down, and seeing that I am in a rush in a matter of speaking, let us get a running commentary here.

* Right now, the computer tower is failing miserably. I fixed the overheating issue: I found I added way too much thermic paste and I had to clean the area out with alcohol. That included the heatsink, the processor, and the area around it. Meaning I had to actually take out the processor, wipe clean the areas where the silver got itself around the base (not really much thank the gods) and put everything back while adding a small dollop of paste. It’s working well; the temps are in the warm 90s F across the board where it was 120 or so.

But the damage from the overheating was? is? too much for the rest of the computer; the hard drives are failing and needing replacement quickly. I found a NewEgg HD for about $60 – a terabyte storage! – and I’m going to be saving up what money I can get to buy it. Because of the new job.

* Last week, I got a call from the job placement center at the school I went to earlier this year. They directed me to a local burger joint looking for a manager, so I went over and had the interview and whatnot, but they said they needed someone with restaurant experience, so that was that. Or so I thought.

I got a call from the owner a few days ago, and he had a deal for me: That I would be paid for record keeping and minor accounting. I would be on their call, but I would be paid an hourly rate of min. wage when I was working for them. Seeing that this was the only offer I got in the almost-eight weeks of unemployment, I accepted. I started yesterday.

First day at work.

And it was a trip. Lots of paperwork to transcribe for backup. A good portion of employee information is in my confidence right now. Today was a day off, but I don’t mind. I’m sure we’ll do something during the weekend.

* I mentioned this before, but I am president of the local Friends of the Library group, and about this time of year, we have a small backpack raffle for the kids. About 50-70 backpacks are usually given away, and we also have the local fire and police department help with donating school supplies as well as coming over to do a presentation for the kids.

This year, it has been one major goof after another. I couldn’t contact either dept. until two weeks ago, and the fire dpt isn’t helping with the donation. At least I got them down for the presentation. The police on the other hand were quick to discuss about things, and they are planning for both.

The presentation was Wednesday, where, after a lot of finger crossing and prayer, the event went off without a hitch. Lots of kids were there to get backpacks and supplies, and the departments were there to give their presentations. We had enough refreshments for everyone involved. All in all, it was a pretty neat thing. I don’t know if we should do it next year, though. lol


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