Running commentary, on!

  • I don’t want to do things today. I treat all my weekends like that.
  • I got inspired from a fellow knitter on Twitter to make a linen stitch scarf.Linen stich scarfThe pattern is simple – cast on 250 or so stitches, then alternate knit and slip stitches. The fabric is delightfully dense and non-curling.

    Linen stich scarf, detail

    I use two yarns in this, both of the “I Love This Wool!” brand – one variegated and the other a solid purple. I think it brings a tweedy look to the scarf. This will probably go to one of my aunts.

  • Thursday was my last day of school! I should have made some kind of effort to post something then, but I was too busy nomming on a Sonic shake.p_00814

    They were half-off that day. *nods*

    So yes, already finished. I am now a business accountant, so that means I have knowledge in basic accounting, assorted accounting software, can do some technical stuff, can be in an office setting, etc. I am trying to find a job, and the job placement program at the school has been very helpful in getting things done. Already, I have several applications done and my resume has been sent out to several others. I just need to figure out bus routes so I can expand my job hunt (or learn how to drive).

  • The roses are having their summer hibernation, mostly due to the heat. Although, a few roses have been very brisk in growing. Like the Damask.A. Damask looking so bushy!

    I remember when she was so small and fragile. Now look at her. So big and bushy. I also added some Marigolds to help with color, and they are looking magnificent.

    The other two potted roses are looking fine.

    G. Buddha and the T. Superb

    I learned that the Tuscany Superb, like various fruit trees, need a set time in winter dormancy to act properly, and that given the climate here has rather mild winters in general, he will not be in a good mood to flower in the spring. Which is a shame because I really wanted to grow it. I’m still trying to figure out how to wing it, but we’ll see how this winter season comes out.


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