It has been a while


Before you take another step
Don’t blame it on yourself
‘Cause if you lay it on a brother when he’s sleeping
You’ll wake up in the morning and he’ll be gone
-Phish, “Julius”

I am tired of this. The entirety of this.

THINGS HAPPEN FOR REASON, PEOPLE! You can flail against Fate with all your might, but when Destiny records, you might as well be kicking against a brick wall.

I keep reading entries here, twitter, and tumblr of how [bad] things are, and I am sure they are meant to be a steam whistle, in a fashion, but to read it over and over again, the same things happening to different people, just wants me to explode and write blog journals about the same behavior that I am experiencing.

Forgive me. I am not in the right state of mind, so things might come out entirely out of context. *shrug*


Okay, let’s play catch-up. Running commentary on!

Only two weeks of school left! I am very happy at this. I never thought this sort of thing would be happening. The school is already giving me job offers for various places around the area — and a few around the state. If I keep looking, I might find a few out of state. Like, say, Chicago area.* However, school-wide graduation’s not until November, so in the meanwhile, I’ll still be ‘in school’ until then. That means, I have to pay the loan that I got there. C’est la vie, I say.

I only have one class in the late morning, so that means I can get into an early morning workout. However, this is not happening. I get on the 6.30 a.m. bus, get to the stop at 7 or so a.m., then cross the street to Starbucks and spend the morning drinking coffee. This I do not want. Instead, I will try to get back to walking to the gym (which is only three or so blocks away). I need to, though. I gained ten pounds since the New Years. I blame eating at the next-door fast food places.** 😐

I’m still knitting! I finished knitting a blanket…


…that was my spring project. It’s a small lil’ lap blanket/throw, and I love it to death. However, when I showed mom, she was all, “Let’s send it off to your aunt in Washington!” No. It’s my blanket, dangit!

So, what have you guys been up to?

* Yeah, I’m really wanting to move up there, if only to annoy a certain moose.
**Wataburgers. Such good. Very noms. Wow


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