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So, we have a new mayor.

The new Mayor!!

She won by 60% of the votes cast, which is pretty cool. I’m just a bit worried at the crap she will have to endure because she’s a woman. *shrugs*

It’s been a rather interesting weekend, due to the fact that I tried tie-dye for the first time.

Tie Dye!

I got a small kit from Hobby Lobby a while back, and I bought the shirt (left bag) Friday. The right bag had a sheet that I found with a set of sheets I found during one of my trips to the Salvation Army. My hands got slightly dyed during the process, but the effort was well worth it.

Finished result!

I found the sheet to be a cotton-polyester blend — 60/40 respectively — so it didn’t take the dye as much as it did with the 100% cotton shirt. I don’t care, because it came out so neatly. I should have added some green for the shirt, though. But that’s a thing for another time.

The blanket is up to two by two feet.


And shows no signs of stopping, as I mentioned before. However, I am sketching out patterns for more half-pi shawls, and the crochet square just looks so danged woebegone…


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