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Mom has this insane idea that just because I am here, I am to be helping her around the house, and therefore, she puts off all the chores she can do during the week to the time I have off school. However, seeing that I am usually out of the house Friday and Saturday, with Sunday shut in my room and knitting…well…we have Words. She’s learning, as I am. *sigh*

Instead of doing something stupid and go onto a long-winded rampage of our characters, let me show you what has been happening these days.


The blanket is ploddering along. It’s one of those traveling projects I carry in my backpack. I think it is about two feet on the side, but I’m sure it can get bigger. Goodness knows I have enough yarn for it. XD

The roses are coming out in full, also. While the C. Imperial, Bonica, Vet. Honor, and Marg. Merrill are resting between blooms, the Fragrant Cloud is in full bloom.

Fragrant Cloud rose II

You need to see it in person to get a full understanding on how subtle the color is. It is a coral red-orange, with a faint grey in it. It might be faintly considered one of the ‘coffee’ roses I have read about, but no, this is a class unto itself.

I got two new roses.

New roses!

With this year’s tax return, I splurged a bit and got two cuttings from Rogue Valley Roses (RVR): A Tuscany Superb, a once-a-year bloomer, and a fairly recent rose, Golden Buddha. As you can see, the Buddha is in bloom. I might try to get a few more roses from RVR as time passes. XD

I also found the name of the last unknown rose.

Mystery Rose I

Goes by the name of Paradise (might have to refresh the page a bit before you see the resemblance). It is also an overgrown bush, but Mom refuses for me to prune it, alas. However, it is fantastic that I know what it is now.


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