Now Listening: Jackson Browne: The Load-Out/Stay
Mood: Good

Felt like needing a nap when I got home, so I did.


Also, bow before your Moose Overlords!

Bow before your Moose Overlords!

Bow before them! [lol]

So what’s been going on in your neck of the woods? It’s been pretty quiet here. Mother’s Day had me making Mom a new recipe of cheesecake that left the both of us kinda wanting the usual (Juniors).


That was actually iced tea she made in honor of the event. Should have been hot tea, really.

Yesterday was one of those dismal days that had me thinking of things I shouldn’t, mostly caused by the cool front we had coming through (lots of rain. so much rain.) To battle this, I got a haircut from my sister.


About an inch off the top and the rest was a light trim. Much better than before, and it was excellent practice for her as well.

Yes, that is a new Woot shirt. And yes, those are kitties in a blue box. :3

I also got an amazing package yesterday in the mail.


D. Canton, better known as GHMongo on DeviantArt, sent me all this stuff:


Two ‘Painterly Portraits’ that he did for me years ago. Featuring my ‘sona, Joey Moose.


Two sketchbooks filled with drawings and sketches.


And one print of a recent watercolor. I’m reminded of Wee Mad Arthur when I see this. ^_^


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