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I have a confession to make, readers.

I am taking up crochet.

Now, I am not cheating on my knitting. I am just taking a break from it for the moment. Playing the field, as the slang goes. Of course, once I get to know crochet better, I might invite knitting for some added fun. A ménage à trois, if I may be so bold to conjure the notion. *chuckles*

As the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until you get a needle up your arse. Or something like that.

Crochet mitered square.

I feel like such a traitor…

Anyway, after looking at, of all things, dishcloth patterns, I got inspired to try my hand at double crochet mitered squares. After a few false starts, I went to the place where I learned how to make my first granny square, Litte Tin Bird. After a bit of thought, I started making it.


I have no idea how big it will get. I think it’s already close to a foot. I might make it two and then make four more for a throw of a sort. I need more graphic stuff in my room, despite all of the artwork on the walls. I also need to plan a bit more on this; although, the square looks pretty cool as is. I might just keep on making it bigger until it reaches the four foot length. With some knitted stuffs on the edge…tré kinky.


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