Now Listening: Talking Heads: Once In A Lifetime
Mood: *shrugs*

While I’m waiting for the roses to rebloom, let me show you how big the blanket is.


It’s soft and cozy, and it’s a breeze to knit. It’s a kind-of-mindless knit, but otherwise soothing. I might be falling in love with garter. Not as much as roses, though. More on that later.


Yesterday was the monthly Friends of the SBPL, and no one came. Apart from the Treasurer, so we treated it as an Officer Meeting, and we discussed what was to be planned for the future year. Including a newsletter of all things, which, I think is a pretty neat idea. I was kinda ticked off at the fact no one came, but que sera sera, I guess.


The usual bus home broke down on the way to the station, so I had to wait a while longer to catch another bus. I knitted some of the blanket and snapped this photo.

School has its ups and downs. New module, new influx of students. New eye candy to look at. The usual. However, the folks I have seen since the beginning are slowly leaving out, their time already done. I am saddened a bit.


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