Second verse, same as the first


After I’ve been away from the subway trains
It’s not the same
And how could I forget the days
With all my friends at home
-NRBQ, “Boys In The City”

First of all, I need to apologize at the lack of entries here. Life has a way of forcing you to take breaks on the things it thinks it does not care about. But I do care, I have tried to make this place count. Ho-hum.

But it has been a wild set of weeks. Classes are chugging along. Thankfully, I have the laptop to keep me company.


And my knitting, of course. I’m out of wooly yarn for The Shawl, and instead I am using it as an excuse to knit a Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown using Lion Brand ‘Amazing’ yarn, assorted colorways. It’s an easy thing, and it grows like a beast. I started is last week, and a few days later, it was already a hefty square. Now it is becoming kind of cumbersome. Oh well.


I’m getting to the point for watering the front garden a habit again; hopefully it will stick! A good number of the amaryllis are already going to seed, but we’re getting some late stragglers right now. The roses are also in slight dormancy; their buds are developing soon, so expect a few photos in the coming days. And speaking of which…

Autumn Damask looking good!

The A. Damask is actually growing! I cannot wait to see it bloom.

I also had the first raspa (snowcone) of the year last week.


It was very good and delicious. I have a weakness for Natural Limon (Lemon), so when I get one it is usually that flavor. It brings to mind water ices and sherbets and other frozen desserts. Quite refreshing.

Now, let’s continue with this blog!


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