Some people don’t dance, if they don’t know who’s singing,
Why ask your head, it’s your hips that are swinging!

-Propellerheads, ‘History Repeating

I am not supposed to say this, but it was a good day today. Last night was pretty nifty also.

You see, after loads of commentary about the animated film, “The Triplets of Belleville”, I decided to watch it last night. Words cannot describe the interesting fascination the film has. I mean, it is amazing and trippy to boot. I was reminded of Courage the Cowardly Dog. That’s how surreal it was. I give it the Moose Stamp of Approval.

Also, the theme song is in my head and will not leave me alone! >.<


Today was the three-month assessment for the mental hospital, and they gave me the news that their services will no longer be needed for me.

That means, that I improved from December’s assessment to such a degree that I do not need any kind of treatment from the hospital. Of course, they say, their doors will always be open if I sink into the state I was back then. When I got the news, I was practically in astounded joy. That news got me buoyed all today.

I also got a good photo of one of our mystery roses in bloom.

Mystery rose in full bloom

Roger’s Roses sorts it as ‘Bonica’ but I do not know. When looked up on Google, I’m seeing the flower, so I might have a match. No idea, but hey, who knows. It is a beautiful rose bush, though. Loads of fantastic blossoms. It puts the Blue Girl to shame. And of course, the Chrysler Imperial is in intermission at the moment, so…


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