Now Listening: Joni Mitchell: Court and Spark (album)
Mood: Grey

Oh ye gods, it’s almost April. Three months have gone by and I’m here, shaken and yet not stirred. Eh, it’s life for you. What can we say?

Also, this album has been in my head and out of the speakers for most of today. I think this is the third time hearing it today?

So what have you guys been doing? I’ve been doing the usual: knitting and reading. And getting a haircut.

First, the before.

Before haircut.

This was under a hat, so it’s somewhat tamed. Perhaps this is a better photo.


More unfettered and wild. It’s kept on getting in the way and was easily mussed in the wind. (Yes, that is a Kindle. More on that later.)

Now, the after.

After haircut

Cris had the idea yesterday to tame the winter coat to in a classic pompadour cut, which worked out pretty well. However, I do not know if I look more like Jimmy Fallon or Elvis Presley. XD But at least it is way more manageable and will actually go well with hair gel.


I’m still knitting the Shawl of course, onto the third pattern motif and it will be a doozie. After a few more calculations, and I’ll be starting it properly. However, I am tempted to start another thing as a break in completion. Or not. Maybe.


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